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final cut of gritty

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Teacher Comments

This is a strong rough cut so far. Further to our conversation, some action points are:

- Continue editing so that there are no gaps or bits of unwanted footage.
- Add in your titles (remember, this has to look like an opening sequence)
- Shoot for an overall running time of approximately two minutes.

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Fallen Angle Production presents
A Inner City Film
Ben Drew
Aaron Yoo
Julianna Guill
Costume Design by Daniel Dale
Art Direction by Gemma Anderson
Production Design by Maxi Miliano Calero
Casting by Shelley Wright
Film Editing by Nicole Thomson
Cinematography by Robby Jackson
Original Music by Ben Smith
Produced by Steven Baker
Directed by Ruby Camfield


A Fallen Angle Production presents
A Inner City Film
Costume Design by........
Art Direction by.........
Production Design by........
Casting by........
Film Editing by..........
Cinematography by............
Original Music by...........
Produced by............
Directed by............
(Main Title)..........

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shot Types

Below there will be a list of the shot types that we will be including that will work well to create the type of film genre we are doing.
These will be still images of the shot types.

PAN - camera pans over over the city at night time.

Medium Shot - the boys are interacting which starts to give you a good idea of what there characters are like, walking along.

Medium pan shot - All the girls drink, still shot.

Close up - Girl drinking close up to mouth.

Close up - Boys interacting through hand gestures

Medium shot - Head shots of the boys talking.

Medium shot - Girl straightening her hair the shot is of her reflection in the mirror looking over her shoulder.

Extreme close up - girls putting make up on her eye or lips.

Medium shot - boy sitting on the wall whilst other boy approaches him.

Medium shot - Boys face explaining something.

Long shot - view of girls wardrobe and everything that is in it.

Close up - drink being poured into a glass.

Medium shot - Girls drinking the drink that they have just poured.

Close up - girls phone is calling out to somebody.

Medium shot - items such as cigarettes, maybe drugs and the phone begins to ring.

Medium shot - boy from previous scene answers phone.

This will be a pan shot of the city of Cambridge moving slowly across the screen .

There will be many medium shots though out the sequence mainly of people.

There will be a variation of close up shots and extreme close up shots mainly when actions are being taken so to give the audience a good view of what the characters are doing.


Prop List

Make up
Spliff (role up)
Hair straighteners
Nice going out girls outfit - dress
Drinking glasses
Casual street clothes - boys

Below is a few pictures to represent the type of props we are aiming for and including.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The night life idea

Warning Presents The Shogun Assasins Tour - December 2008 from Warning TV on Vimeo.

We will not be filming in a crowded place like this because of health and safety reason but we will be trying to create the atmosphere of the drum n bass scene and implying that the people getting ready are out to a night like this.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Production logo


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mood Board

Mood Board.

This mood board represents images of youth and street culture which relates to are opening sequence, this shows the drugs, gun, knife and gang culture. From the pictures of people used, it also shows the type of fashion which is followed on the streets. The pictures used in this mood bored where all taken from Google images, some pictures ave been taken from the films Kidulthood and Adulthood, overs are pictures of British street gangs, and a couple are off British Grime (music genre) and Rap artists.


First try at production logo


Feedback j

on the whole the feed back we recieved was very positive. Several people remaked on our choice in film to analyse as being approiate and effective in illustrating how we are going to take different aspects and techniques from these films and create a hybrid interpretation. we wrote an extended synopsis illustrating the wway in which we will apply the techniques uncovered and how we plan on incorporating techniques which we see as effective in our portrayl. are analysis of adult hood allowed us to mimic the way the characters are developed from scene setting to introduction and clear illustration of how the character behaves in the enviroment. the statement we are trying to make is that your enviroment breeds a certain type of person. when we annaylysed snatch in order to formaly introduce each character each will be oindividualy captioned with a relevant adittion of mise on scene with a brief disclosure of their status. the feed back we recieved was very positive towards using these techniques and developing a efectuive intro. unfrotunatly.


Snatch traier

snatch trailer

Wirghting format ideas


Still shots

These are still shots taken from the film Snatch, we intend to use these still shots and name titles to introduce are characters in our opening sequence. Our characters will be shot doing everyday activities on the streets and in their homes and as the opening sequence is running we will have a still shot of an individual character and their name will be in graffiti writing which we will use from a website called .

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In our group we plan to portray the lives of a group of young individuals and trouble in which they find them self’s. We plan on using parallel editing to show the separate situations that the 2 groups find them self’s in. the first group will be a group of girls getting prepared to leave on a night out drinking heavily, the other will show the boy’s going about their business trying to fund the evening ahead. This will show them out in public areas showing the depth to the characters and the situations that can occur on British streets. We will use certain techniques that we have taken from other British realist dramas. When the characters are first introduced on the screen we plan on having them interact with other characters. When they do we will use a titled freeze frame in order to give the viewer a brief insight into that particular character and they’re background.

We plan on the girls having a planned rendezvous with one of the males that are out in the town. The dramatic irony is though the girls are making great efforts to impress the boys, the boys are getting into a situation beyond their control and will not be able to make this meeting. An opportunity arises with one of the individuals having a cunning plan, which ends up getting out of hand. They plan to ring a drug dealer arrange to collect a large quantity of it. When the dealer arrives everything goes to plan until an argument develops over price. The result of this is the males becoming infuriated with the dealer and attempt to steal the drugs to teach him a lesson. As this as occurred the youths are unable to meet the girls and ring them as they make their escape. They get to a place that they deem to be safe when the individual they have stolen from catches up with them and attacks them with a knife all while the girls are still on the phone. One of the lads ends up being stabbed as a result of the encounter as well as the dealer. Only after the anarchy has ended does the realisation of the incident set in. one of the bois realises who the deqaler is affiliated with and regrets his actions. This sets the scene for a plot in which the dealer’s associates chase the main characters in a story, which ends up engulfing the girls later on.


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Monday, 19 January 2009

Social realist drama examples

This is the opening sequence for Adulthood, this scene shows some of the things we are trying to include in our sequence, for example the partying and the smoking. There is some good shots in the sequence that we will be using.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Company logo analysis

The dream works logo works very well as the white against the blue background makes it stand out and also the the tittle relates to the picture as night time is when most people sleep and the background is of the night sky, also when this logo appears at the beginning of a there is something about the soft movement and the music that is used along with the night background that kind of draws you in to watching.

A lot of company logo's actually represent the name of the company for example little black fish, everything that is in the name is in the actual picture. It is affective because the black righting within the fish and the smaller fish's bellow stands out very boldly against the white background.


Analysis of childrens adventure film

This is the opening sequence i have chosen to analysis and why it shows that it is a children's adventure film.
In The Goonies the opening credits are very chunky and wonky representing a kind of child like righting type and also within the tittle there is a scull and cross bones which all children always associated with pirates. When he action starts is appears serious but then it shows that it is a children production as there is silly noises made when someone is hit to give the audience a feeling of no seriousness and no hard hitting. Also the inmate within a jail would usually be angry and aggressive but these inmates and very cooperative and happy, there is no seriousness about the jail.
When the police chase starts the music is very light hearted and makes the situation seem very fun and within the get away they join a fun race which gets them away, which isn't like how it would work within and adult film. When the get away is happening as well the get away driver is eating chocolate which would never usually happen.
All the characters we are introduced after the get away are all children which shows that the film is going to be based around children and most probably the main protagonist is going to be a child. When we are introduced to the children they are all doing child like activities for example watching television, at school and playing with silly gadget's.


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